The Patient Centricity & Engagement Conference

20 JUNE 2024 | LONDON

Take Direct Action To Boost Patient Outcomes & Quality Of Life Through Innovative, Collaborative Partnerships With Advocacy Groups & Truly Centring The Patient Voice At The Heart Of Decision Making For

Advanced, Impactful & Value-Adding Strategies For Patient Centricity, Engagement & Partnerships

The Patient Centricity & Engagement Conference | 20 June 2024 | London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 GIC Welcome

09.05 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Gunnar Schroefel, Global Director Patient Advocacy, Daiichi Sankyo

Patients At The Heart Of Decision Making

09.10 Centre The Patient At The Heart Of All Decision Making & Take Patient Centricity From Theory To Direct, Meaningful Action

    • Actions speak louder than words! What direct steps can industry take to drive patient centricity and embed the patient at the heart of their organisation?
    • It’s not just about collaboration, it’s about partnering, listening and understanding. When working together is key to joined-up experiences for patients, how can industry strategically collaborate across healthcare to demonstrably boost patient experiences?
    • What corporate strategies approaches showcase the holistic value of patient centricity and truly secure long-term buy-in?

Shannon Altimari, Senior Director, Patient Engagement, Global Oncology Lead, GSK

Gold Standard Pharma Advocacy Collaboration - Double Perspective

09.30 Develop Meaningful & Impactful Relationships Between Industry & Advocacy Groups For Powerful Partnerships That Deliver Deep Impact For Patients

    • It’s an age-old question, but what does ‘good’ really look like? Determine the key strategies and collaborative processes between pharma and PAGs that ensure long-term success and impact?
    • Align objectives between pharma and advocacy groups to ensure that engagement and centricity programmes are delivering what patients truly need
    • With different advocacy groups having different needs, how best can industry support PAGs in a targeted, personalised manner?

09.30 Sujan Sivasubramaniyam, Head of Medical Affairs & Patient Advocacy, UK & Ireland, CSL Behring

Jefferson Courtney, Policy & Public Affairs Manager, The Haemophilia Society

09.50 Gabor Purman MD, MBA, Patient Advocacy Director, Kyowa Kirin International

Overcoming Barriers To Patient Centricity - Panel & Q&A

10.10 Break Down Persistent Blockages To Greater Patient Centricity & Truly Move The Needle On Long-Standing Barriers To Deeper Centricity & Engagement

    • We discussed this last year, and the year before, and the year before… With some barriers refusing to budge, what direct action can finally break down the hardest barriers?
    • How can we look at the obvious problems from new angles to communicate differently or bring in different stakeholders to drive real progress?
    • Legal won’t let us! How can regulatory teams be brought into the fold of patient engagement, and better understand the areas where centricity advancements can be made?

Mario Torbado, Patient Advocacy Lead Europe, Pfizer

John Ioannou, Head of Global Medical Affairs Rheumatology, UCB

Marie-Sharmila Blandino, Integrated Access Strategy Lead – Global Director, Amgen

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Patients Perspective – Case Study

11.10   Amber Davis, Patient Representative, Lymevereniging

Patient-Centric Clinical Trial Design

11.30 Design Trials In Collaboration With Patients For Inclusive & Accessible Trials That Boost Recruitment, Retention & Overall Patient Experiences

  • Embed the patient voice in trial design processes to ensure their needs and requirements are baked into trials from the start
  • Is it just the trial design, or the trial itself? Understanding the different drivers for trial engagement and desired outcomes between different patient groups and therapy areas
  • How can trials ensure that patient cohorts involved in trials are diverse and reflective of the patient population?

11.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Patient Perspectives - Panel & Q&A

12.20 Hear Directly From Patients & Advocates On How Industry Can Truly Hear Their Voice & Build Holistic Healthcare Systems Around Patient Needs

    • What do patients truly want from the pharma industry to advance advocacy objectives and truly improve holistic patient quality of life?
    • What role can pharma and industry play in building up capacity for patients and advocacy groups to champion their own cause?
    • With digital advancements and AI on the rise, what do patients feel is the best mix of digital and in-person engagement to balance ease of information access with the human connection needed in healthcare?

Amber Davis, Patient Representative, Lymevereniging

Victoria Clare, CEO, Ovacome

13.00 Morning Chair’s Closing Remarks & Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.30 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

a) Engaging HCPs

Ludmila Scrine, Senior Director Medical Affairs Regional, Astellas Pharma

Anita Powell, Menopause Community Advocate, Menopause Alliance

b) Patient Recruitment In Clinical Trials

Dr Helen Bulbeck, Director of Services & Policy, brainstrust – the brain cancer people

c) Diversity & Inclusion In Patient Engagement

Victoria Clare, CEO, Ovacome

d) Digital Patient Engagement

e) Health Equity

14.00 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Anita Powell, Menopause Community Advocate, Menopause Alliance

Chelsea Moran, Associate Director, Patient Partnerships, Astellas Pharma

Driving Internal Change

14.10 Beyond The Product & Marketing Team: How Can You Ensure The Entire Organisation Thinks Patient-First?

    • That’s not my department! Showcase to all corners of the organisation that patient centricity is not just your role, but theirs as well
    • How can professionals shift the mindset of senior leadership and secure their long-term buy-in for patient centricity?
    • With patient centricity difficult to measure, what KPIs can cut through and showcase its value with key stakeholders?

Marta Garcia Manrique, R&D, Chief Patient Officer, Servier

14.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Stakeholder Collaboration - Panel & Q&A

15.00 It Takes A Village: Bring Multiple Stakeholders Together For Meaningful Collaboration Throughout Healthcare Systems To Align Behind Patient Needs & Create Long-Term, Demonstrable Benefits For Patients

    • Align values across complex healthcare networks and ensure healthcare systems are moving in the direction of patients’ needs together
    • How can collaboration and communication between stakeholders drive holistic healthcare practices, focusing on the person not just the disease?
    • How can stakeholders come together around policy and legislative change, breaking down barriers to achieve greater patient centricity?

Mayura Deshpande, Head of Medical Affairs UK&IRE, Eisai Ltd

Nadia Hallwirth, Regional Patient Engagement Manager, Central & Eastern Europe, Boehringer Ingelheim

Juddy Otti, GROWS Research & Peer Support Project Coordinator, Sophia Forum

Garry Brough, Programme Manager, Fast-Track Cities London

Patient Involvement In HTAs

15.30 Drive Demonstrable Progress & Boost The Patient Voice In HTA Processes & Decision Making

    • Evidence that patient organisation engagement leads to more relevant and effective health technology assessments
    • Frameworks for effective collaboration between patient organisations and HTA bodies
    • Case studies of where patient organisation involvement has led to significant changes in HTA processes or decisions

Dr Lydia E Makaroff, Chief Executive, Fight Bladder Cancer

15.50     Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

End-To-End Patient Engagement

16.20  Solidify Patient Engagement Through All Aspects Of Clinical Development & Hear The Patient Voice From Start To Finish

    • Capturing the patient voice early is one thing, but how can we ensure that voice continues to echo throughout all processes, and isn’t lost as time goes by?
    • How can patient and advocacy voices be embedded internally into new areas of pharma to ensure engagement doesn’t dissipate in key development areas?
    • How can internal teams be brought into patient centricity to ensure all aspects of the business are moving in the same direction?

Stephen Head, Senior Director, Patient Partnerships, Patient Centricity, Astellas Pharma

Tom Croce, Vice President, Global Patient Advocacy & Engagement, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

John Farrell, Global Medical Affairs, Patient Engagement Lead, Abbvie

Ama Appiah, Regional Medical Director, European Patient Affairs, ViiV Healthcare

Behavioural Science – Case Study

16.50 How To Leverage Behavioral Science For Better Patient Engagement In Clinical Trials & How To Overcome Barriers To Adherence To Medication And CT Protocol

Sylvie Coumel, Global Behavioural Science Lead, Patient Informed Development & Health Value Translation, Sanofi

Patient Life Experiences

17.10 Not Just A Patient – But A Person: Drive Holistic Healthcare For Patients During Their Journey & Ensure Joined-Up Experiences That See The Patient Health & Wellbeing From Every Angle

    • Personalising our approach to patient journeys around individual needs, length of care, conditions and adjustments to truly add value to quality of life
    • How can industry assist patients in advocating for joined-up care that takes a holistic approach to patients health and wellbeing?
    • Harness real-life, lived experiences and data points to ensure ongoing programme co-creation with reality at the heart

Beyza Klein, Global Patient Engagement Director, Insights & Measurements, Novartis

17.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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