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OPEN Health is a family of expert practices working in partnership to drive positive change in medical communications and market access, globally. Our journey began with a vision to improve the lives of patients worldwide. This vision has become a reality with the integration of experts from Pharmerit and Peloton Advantage to create a new unique entity equipped to be a global leader in HEOR, market access, advertising, public relations, patient engagement, medical communications, and digital services. Together, we have grown to over 700 people in 15 locations across 6 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, India and China.

OPEN Health have been at the forefront of patient centricity and have seen the impact throughout the product lifecycle. We believe it is important to consider patient centricity in every project, combining expertise with outcome to see the impact of co-creation. Watch a short introduction video below and explore our approach to patient centricity here:

What makes us unique is our deeply integrated practices that work collaboratively to bring the strategic and technical expertise needed to be a solid partner to our clients. Combined with our broad scope of therapeutic expertise, we produce results and solutions that are of the highest quality. OPEN Health prides itself on having a highly skilled, diverse and connected team working across the globe to deliver truly innovative and best-in-class solutions. This has resulted in long-term, flexible partnerships that span across multiple brands and therapy areas.


Origins Insights

Our goal is to identify and embed transformational patient insights as a fundamental part of the drug development process.

As a pioneering qualitative insights agency, our purpose is to provide actionable, patient-focused intelligence that gives our clients the competitive edge.

We use novel, immersive research methodologies that reveal the authentic
patient experience. Our flagship digital ethnography programmes have given a voice to hundreds of patients worldwide, informing clinical trial protocols and development programmes as well as patient support programmes and educational initiatives.

The Origins team is a dedicated, passionate group of people whose varied backgrounds give our programmes the individuality and personal touches they deserve.

For further information please visit:

VOZ combines its singular focus in advocacy and engagement, with a broad network, decades of experience, and the joint know-how of a talented team of professionals to support biopharmaceutical companies in the development of strategic stakeholder relations that align with business goals. VOZ sees patients and patient advocacy organizations as equally important components of meaningful engagement and a well-rounded patient experience effort. Patients bring their own individual insights and patient organizations offer a population perspective with the ability to share information on trends related to the patient experience, as well as expertise in ways to reach, educate, and empower patients to receive the best quality care; both have their place. A VOZ rule is to engage early and often. Anytime a company plans to engage a healthcare professional, it is time to also engage patients and patient organizations for their input. Our daily work focuses on making sure companies have the internal structure and the external community knowledge to support this engagement.

Our vision: A world where the patient experience informs the development and commercialization of all medical products.

Our Promise: We can demonstrate that inserting the patient perspective lowers the R&D risk and increases the opportunity for success at a program and organizational level.