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Atlantis Health – Global experts in behaviour change

Atlantis Health is on a mission to improve people’s experience of healthcare through the design and delivery of personalised behaviour change programmes that empower people to engage with a wide range of health conditions in a more meaningful way.

We are a passionate, award-winning, digital health company that specialises in the application of health psychology and behaviour change to drive improved outcomes, allowing people to live fuller lives. We work with UK, European and Global life science teams and our experience spans 25 years, 100+ diseases and more than 30 markets worldwide.

We see the person beyond the patient

Adopting healthy behaviours can be difficult without the right skills, confidence and motivation. Our evidence-based approach to designing personalised behaviour change solutions targets each individual’s needs, health beliefs and behaviour challenges. Based on their unique profile, we engage them with the right support at the right time, empowering people to overcome the practical and emotional challenges of living with a long-term health condition.

We deliver valued services and support that complements their medical care experience and improves health outcomes.


We believe in making the world a better place by helping people improve their lives and health. We do this through working in partnership with our clients, patients, HCPs, PAGs and charities to gather insights and find out what is really important to them.

Patients are at the heart of all we do. An informed patient is one who has better health outcomes.

We work with our clients, to bring new drugs to market and breathe life into old ones, we work side by side as an extension of their team.

We write, blog, talk, vlog, podcast and release publications of credible information in a way that is easy to understand – combining insights, appropriate writing styles, design, creativity and health literacy to support those who are taking part in a clinical trial, on prescribed medication or just want to know more about their condition. This not only helps support and educate individuals but their loved ones too, dispelling myths or incorrect truths that an internet search may throw up.

We regularly use our skills, free of charge, to help good causes as well as financially donating to health and well-being charities.

The centre of all this is our team, after all they are the ones with the ideas, skills, creativity and passion to produce amazing work that makes a difference. Through respect, collaboration and support we have established an award-winning culture of learning and flexibility.  This constantly changes as it adapts to the environment and needs of the team and the business.

Working as part of the wider community makes us stronger. We are active members of industry groups, judge and sponsor awards and Caroline, one of our Founders is co-Chair the PM Society with a pharma industry peer (Colin Williams).



As a dedicated team within Envision Pharma Group, Envision the Patient is focused on partnering with our pharma clients, patient advocacy groups, patients, and caregivers to implement meaningful patient involvement throughout the life cycle of medicine development.

We have extensive experience in bringing the patient voice into scientific and peer-reviewed publications, while making them more accessible to a lay and patient audience through plain language summaries.

Through effective collaboration, we ensure patient insights are adding value to communications by supporting patients to be authors and enabling them to contribute their insights in a robust, ethical, and valued way at various points during medicine development.

We also have experience in collaborating with patients across the broad spectrum of medical affairs, including patient advisory boards and workshops, and the co-creation of patient materials. Through our key principles of working with patients, we are committed to ensuring the collaborations between pharma and patient add real value.



OPEN Health brings together deep scientific knowledge, global understanding, and broad specialist expertise to support our clients in improving health outcomes and patient wellbeing.

We are united as one flexible organization, harnessing the power of the collective to solve complex challenges. Being built from cohesive partnerships across a range of specialist sectors gives us the ability to approach opportunities from fresh perspectives, creating solutions and innovations for market access and medical communications that are informed by the experience and knowledge of the many.

Our global team of experts — many with PhD and PharmD degrees — work strategically alongside our client partners in Medical Affairs, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Market Access, and Commercial teams across a wide range of therapy areas.


Origins Insights

Our goal is to identify and embed transformational patient insights as a fundamental part of the drug development process.

As a pioneering qualitative insights agency, our purpose is to provide actionable, patient-focused intelligence that gives our clients the competitive edge.

We use novel, immersive research methodologies that reveal the authentic
patient experience. Our flagship digital ethnography programmes have given a voice to hundreds of patients worldwide, informing clinical trial protocols and development programmes as well as patient support programmes and educational initiatives.

The Origins team is a dedicated, passionate group of people whose varied backgrounds give our programmes the individuality and personal touches they deserve.

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VOZ combines its singular focus in advocacy and engagement, with a broad network, decades of experience, and the joint know-how of a talented team of professionals to support biopharmaceutical companies in the development of strategic stakeholder relations that align with business goals. VOZ sees patients and patient advocacy organizations as equally important components of meaningful engagement and a well-rounded patient experience effort. Patients bring their own individual insights and patient organizations offer a population perspective with the ability to share information on trends related to the patient experience, as well as expertise in ways to reach, educate, and empower patients to receive the best quality care; both have their place. A VOZ rule is to engage early and often. Anytime a company plans to engage a healthcare professional, it is time to also engage patients and patient organizations for their input. Our daily work focuses on making sure companies have the internal structure and the external community knowledge to support this engagement.

Our vision: A world where the patient experience informs the development and commercialization of all medical products.

Our Promise: We can demonstrate that inserting the patient perspective lowers the R&D risk and increases the opportunity for success at a program and organizational level.


Research Partnership is the largest independent healthcare market research and consulting agency in the world. We collaborate with clients from the global pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech industries, proving research intelligence and strategic recommendations that elevate healthcare brands and help them thrive in a complex and challenging environment. We are specialists in healthcare and passionate about what we do. Our independence allows us to deliver a truly bespoke and responsive service. Our highly experienced senior team is supported by talented, professionally-trained researchers located across our global offices. Combining evidence with expertise, we bridge the gap between research and consultancy. Our clients see us as a valued partner, working together to resolve their business challenges, maximise their competitiveness, transform their brands, and power their success.