A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 10th May 2023

5th Annual

28 Brand Speakers, 1 Day

Drive Demonstrable Improvements For Patients With Strong, Innovative Partnerships With Advocacy Groups & By Truly Centring The Patient At The Heart Of Organisational Decision Making For

Advanced, High-Impact, Value-Adding Strategies For Patient Centricity, Engagement & Partnerships

Patients At The Heart Of Decision Making ■ Patient Advocacy Collaboration ■ Stakeholder Collaboration ■ Diversity & Inclusion ■ Digital Engagement Strategies ■ Patient Perspectives ■ Patient-Centred Clinical Trial Design ■ End-To-End Patient Engagement ■ Patient Centricity in HTA’s ■ Overcome Persistent Barriers ■ Patient Journeys

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Emma Sutcliffe, Global Patient Officer, Ipsen

Sharon Allin, Head of Program & Study Leadership, Patient Engagement, Equity & Transparency, Biogen

Patients At The Heart Of Decision Making

09.10 Ensure The Patient Is At The Centre Of All Decision Making From Top To Bottom & Take Practical Steps To Boost Their Voice Throughout The Business

• Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk! What direct steps can pharma take to ensure patient involvement at every stage of the journey and develop a truly patient-centred organisation?
• Convey the value of patient centricity to all internal teams and ensure the business are all moving in the same direction with patients at the heart
• As patient centricity and engagement matures as a practice, how can the value of patient-focused strategies be effectively measured and showcased?

Ingrid McGowan, Head of Global Patient Relations, International Public Affairs, AbbVie

Gold Standard Pharma Advocacy Collaboration


09.30 Build Long-Lasting, Embedded Relationships Between Pharma & Advocacy Groups For Mutually-Beneficial Partnerships That Drive Patient Engagement & Outcomes

• How can pharma effectively support advocacy groups in their patient programmes during the difficult economic situation ahead?
• What key areas can pharma and advocacy groups add the most value to each organisation and support each other in achieving shared goals for patients?
• With health equity becoming a primary focus, how can collaboration between pharma and advocacy groups move the needle and drive health equity forwards?

Debra Montague, Founder & Chairwoman, ALK Positive Lung Cancer

09.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Stakeholder Collaboration



10.05 Drive Greater Collaboration Between Pharma, Advocates & Key Stakeholders To Align Around The Patient & Demonstrably Boost Patient Experiences & Outcomes

• How can complex stakeholder networks in healthcare ensure their values are aligned around the patient and the key issues that truly matter to them?
• Showcase the value of patient centricity to internal stakeholders and ensure complete buy-in to patient engagement
• Where do patients and advocates find the clearest challenges in involving patients in policy making and how can pharma support their efforts for greater patient involvement in a compliant manner?• Boost industry collaboration around prevention programmes and boost public and patient activation around illness prevention
• How can we elevate the patient voice in the treatment access pathway to ensure the patient perspective is taken into consideration by healthcare decision-makers?

Matthijs Van Meerveld, Global Head of Access Policy & Patient Advocacy, Menarini Stemline Oncology

Pascale Cavillon, Global Patient Centricity Director, Ipsen

John Farrell, Global Medical Affairs, Patient Engagement Lead, AbbVie

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Diversity & Inclusion In Patient Engagement


11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.20 Centre Diversity As a Crucial Engagement Priority & Reach Underserved Groups To Boost Inclusion & Deliver Results Which Reflect The True Patient Population

• What practical steps can pharma take to successfully engage under-represented groups and ensure that clinical trials and evidence generation truly involve a diverse patient cohort?
• With some patient groups more engaged than others, how can pharma change mindsets to avoid taking the easy route and focus engagement projects on the crucial work of recruiting diverse and representative patients?
• How can messaging be amplified through effective channels to reach traditionally under-represented groups of patients?

11.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Digital Patient Engagement

11.55 Reach Patient Audiences Where They Are & Deliver Seamless, Patient-Focused Experiences Through Powerful Digital Engagement

• How can pharma utilise digital channels to engage both advocacy groups and individual patient advocates and ensure a powerful reach for digital engagement strategies?
• Ensure digital engagement reduces rather than reinforces health inequality through inclusive strategies that reach patients from all backgrounds
• How can the value of digital strategies be truly realised and ensure that they’re delivering demonstrable benefits to patients?
• How can messaging be amplified through effective channels to reach traditionally under-represented groups of patients?

Özüm Mumcuoğlu, Head of Medical Affairs, Sanofi

Patient Perspectives




12.15 Hear Directly From Patients Oh Their Thoughts & Experiences Of Pharma & The Key Steps To Take To Truly Hear Their Voice

• What do patients expect and need from the pharmaceutical industry, and where should pharma be putting their focus to address the concerns that matter to patients?
• What can pharma do to assist patients in becoming advocates and championing their own cause?
• What balance of digital, hybrid and face-to-face engagement meets patient’s needs and boosts their experiences without overburdening them?

Nick Sireau, CEO & Chair of Trustees, Alkaptonuria Society

Victoria Clare, CEO, Ovacome

Garry Brough, Lead for Peer Learning, Partnerships & Policy, Positively UK

12.45 Morning Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.00 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

a) Healthy Equity

b) Reimbursement

Marnix Artz, Head of Patient Access, Pricing & Government Affairs, The Netherlands, Merck

c) Measuring Success

d) Patient Centricity in RWE

e) Engaging HCP’s

13.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Anand Das, UK Digital Country & Client Partner Lead, Pfizer UK

Mandeep Moore (He/Him/His), Renal Medical Director (Medical Signatory) – UK Specialty Care, GSK

Patient-Centric Clinical Trial Design



13.40 Hear The Patient Voice Early & Clearly Throughout Clinical Trial Design For Patient-Centred Trials That Drive Engagement, Recruitment & Patient Experience

• How can the patient voice be embedded from the very beginning of trail design to ensure their insights are utilised to design trials with patients at the heart
• What key metrics do patients want trials to focus on, and how can these be incorporated into results gathering to ensure trials take a holistic view of a treatment’s effectiveness?
• Successfully engage and recruit diverse patient backgrounds into trials and ensure trial participants truly reflect the diversity of patient backgrounds

Susan Sireshuk, Nurse Healthcare Professional RGN, BSc Adult Cancer Care, Kidney Cancer UK

Sophie Strachan, CEO, Sophia Forum

14.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

End-To-End Patient Engagement



14.50 Drive Engagement Across All Areas Of The Clinical Process & Ensure The Patient Voice Is Heard Top To Bottom Throughout The Organisation

• Early patient engagement is crucial to business success, but how can we ensure their voice isn’t being lost at later stages?
• How can collaboration and communication between internal teams be boosted to ensure that gaps in patient centricity and engagement are being spotted and prioritised?
• How can the patients’ needs and interests be better represented in crucial development stages such as RWE and HTA?

Jolanda Koenders, Head of New Product Planning, Central South East Europe, Takeda

Daphnee Pushparajah, Director, Patient Advocacy & Engagement, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ridwaan Jhetam, SVP, Head of Worldwide Medical Affairs Hematology, Bristol Myers Squibb

Anne MacDowell Corporate Partnerships, Fight Bladder Cancer

Patient Engagement In HTA’s

NEW FOR 2023

15.20 Effectively Advocate For Patients To Be Brought Into Health Technology Assessment Processes & Ensure Their Voice & Needs Are Heard During Decision Making

• What can be done to move the needle around patient inclusion in HTA’s and ensure their voice is being heard at this stage?
• With HTA processes differing across the world, what prospect is there of alignment and ensuring the patient voice is heard consistently?
• How can pharma champion patients and advocacy groups as they push for patient inclusion in this area?

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Overcome Persistent Barriers To Patient Centricity



16.10 Break Down Long-Standing Internal & External Barriers To Patient Centricity & Truly Move The Industry Forwards For The Future

• Are we discussing the same barriers year after year? With some barriers to patient centricity proving persistent, what can be done to finally break down long-standing issues and push through real change?
• How can pharma and advocates effectively work together to push for regulatory change that removes barriers to greater patient centricity and engagement
• How can internal teams be brought into patient centricity to ensure all aspects of the business are moving in the same direction?

Tim Vaske, Senior Director, Community Engagement & Advocacy, Gilead Sciences

Juddy Otti, GROWS Research & Peer Support Project Coordinator, Sophia Forum

Barbara Valastro, Senior Director Patient Insights & Solutions, AstraZeneca

Marc Land, Head of Medical Affairs UKINOR (Nordics, UK, Ireland), Grünenthal Group

Patient Journeys

16.40 Collaborate & Engage With Patients Throughout Their Journey With Their Needs At The Heart

  • Where in the patient journey can diagnostics truly add value and deliver the most powerful benefits to patient experiences and outcomes?
  • With patients’ connections to their HCP so crucial, what is the industry role in advocating for more patient-centred care and ensuring the promotion of health is in focus?
  • How can digital advancements be used to enhance the patient experience and continuum of care?

Sandra Sa, Patient Experience & Partnership Lead, Roche Diagnostics

17.00 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Drive Demonstrable Improvements For Patients With Strong, Innovative Partnerships With Advocacy Groups & By Truly Centring The Patient At The Heart Of Organisational Decision Making For

Advanced, High-Impact, Value-Adding Strategies For Patient Centricity, Engagement & Partnerships

Drive End-To-End Patient Engagement & Break Through Longstanding Barriers To Patient Centricity – Effectively Collaborate With Advocacy Groups & Stakeholders To Focus Around The Patient & Their Needs – Embed D&I At The Heart Of Engagement Strategies – Deliver High-Impact Patient Experiences & Digital & Virtual Engagement 

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