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In 1 Day, 24 Pharma Brands, Patient Advocacy Groups & Patients Share Unmissable Insights Into Developing True Patient Centricity, Clinical Trial Success, Virtual Patient Engagement, Improved Patient Journeys & More!

New Strategies To Boost Patient Centricity & Engagement Through Impactful, Value- Adding Patient Involvement: Tangibly Improve Outcomes With Patient-Centric Strategies Which Inform Clinical Trial Design & Drug Development Early On & Embed Patient Insights At The Heart Of Decision Making By Effectively Collaborating With Multiple Stakeholders, Leveraging Virtual Engagement Today & Driving Improvements In Patient Journeys, Experiences & Safeguarding... All In 1 Day. View The Conference Information Pack >>

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 9th September 2021, Virtually. Group Discounts - Send 4 For 3! Call +44 (0)20 3479 2299.

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Anand Das, Digital Client Partner, Pfizer UK

Katrin Hoffmann, Head of Early Evidence Strategy, UCB


09.10 Centre Patients At The Heart Of Internal Decision Making To Demonstrably Improve Patient Outcomes & Wellbeing & Strategic Success

  • How can the industry gain real insights into patients’ needs and expectations to create a patient-centric organisation in the new patient landscape post-covid?
  • Proactive measures pharma can take to really understand and listen to patients and deliver the real benefits to patient experiences and outcomes that they’re looking for
  • With the pandemic changing the way the industry interacts with patients and stakeholders, how can we ensure patient centricity is central to business objectives in the new normal?
  • Best-practice benchmarking techniques to truly gauge if your patient strategies are making a difference

Daphna Mackover, Patient Advocacy Head South Europe MCO, Sanofi

Rita Reis, Head of Communications & Patient Advocacy Groups, Merck Portugal


09.40 Atlantis Healthcare Case Study


09.55 The Patients Perspective! Hear Directly From Patients & Advocacy Groups On Their Motivations, Feedback & Experiences To Drive Meaningful Collaboration

  • What inspired you to be involved in this area and engage with the pharmaceutical community?
  • What can the pharma industry do to better hear the patient’s voice and embed patient centricity at the heart of their business?
  • What are your expectations when it comes to the pharma industry and where do you feel improvements can be made to truly add value to the patient experience?
  • How do you feel the relationship has changed between patients and pharmaceuticals during COVID-19 and how do you think it will develop in the future?

Olive Fulton, Patient Advocate

Lorna Allen, PPI Coordinator for the Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform, Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Rebecca Langley, Patient Advocate

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Secure Stronger Outcomes For Patients & Accelerate Speed-To-Market Through Engaging & Involving Patients Early In Clinical Trials & Drug Development

  • Practical advice on boosting patient recruitment and adherence to gain the vital patient feedback to improve the experience and effectiveness of clinical trials
  • How can pharma brands drive patient centricity of trials during COVID to ensure their voices are being heard?
  • How can pharma ensure they have patient involvement from the very beginning to ensure their insights are affecting drug development?
  • Solidify feedback loops and communities to keep patient volunteers informed of trial results

Oleksandr Gorbenko, Global Patient Centricity Director, Ipsen


11.20 Leverage Digital Tools & Technology To Engage With Patients Remotely & Create Seamless Patient Experiences

  • From telemedicine to wearable devices to AI, what digital techniques of engaging patients have truly shown success during COVID-19?
  • Harness the most effective digital channels and technologies to enhance patient recruitment, increase patient engagement through clinical trials and access key information on their treatment
  • What advances in patient engagement are here to stay in the new normal, and how do you think patient interaction will change in the future?


11.40 Health Equity & Accessing The True Patient Population

  • What is health equity and why is it important?
  • Why shouldn’t we just recruit the easiest to access patients?
  • Who are we speaking to?
  • How do we engage with a wider variety of patients?
  • How are we obtaining an understanding of the authentic patient experience?

Su Smith, Director, Origins Insights


12.10 Overcome Barriers To Foster Effective & Long-Standing Relationships That Improve Patient & Business Outcomes

  • Identify the right group to partner with to create strategic relationships with demonstrable value for all parties
  • How can partnerships be truly embedded to ensure positive results lasting long into the future?
  • How can partnerships effectively align their objectives and manage expectations from both sides to drive improvements in awareness, patient quality of life and on-going patient support?
  • Evaluate the value created for patients, pharma and the industry at large
  • How has collaboration with between pharma and advocacy groups changed during the pandemic and how can we ensure these relationships are strengthened in the new normal?

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check The Website For Updates

12.30 Morning Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Round-Up

12.35 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.35 Afternoon Co-Chair’s Opening Remarks

Paul Edwards, Director of Clinical Services, Dementia UK

Ashton Harper, Head of Medical Affairs (UK & Ireland), Roche Diagnostics Ltd


13.45 Collaborate Effectively & Share Common Goals With Patient Organisations To Drive Improvements In The End-To-End Patient Experience

  • How can pharma and patient organisations develop patient experiences together to definitively improve patient experiences?
  • Best-practice advice on understanding gaps in the patients experience and effective ways to boost outcomes
  • Accurately measure and reflect how your patient experience strategies have added value to their experience

Pascale Cavillon, Global Patient Centricity Director, Ipsen

Marko Korenjak, President, ELPA


14.05 Envision Pharma Group Case Study


14.35 Hear A Patient’s Perspective Directly On Their Experiences Of Engagement With The Pharma Industry & Overcoming Obstacles To Greater Patient Centricity

Olive Fulton, Patient Advocate


14.55 From Insights To Action: How To Create A Compelling Narrative To Engage Your Patient Community


Jasmine Malone, Head of Patient Content, OPEN Health


14.55 Drive Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration & Align Behind The Patient To Achieve Strong Future Relationships

  • With such a wide variety of stakeholders with different objectives in the healthcare sector, what steps can be taken to align agendas and keep the focus on patients?
  • How has the pandemic affected the objectives of different stakeholders and how can patient centricity be secured in the new normal?
  • What best practice advice and top tips can help deliver patient strategies with real-world impact?

Yetunde Kolade, Regional Medical Affairs Director, EU/RCIS/ANZ, Reckitt

Annabel Cowper, Head of Patient Advocacy for Alzheimer's Disease ECP (Europe
Canada & Partner Markets), Biogen

Jan Swiderski, Director Head of Global Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy Rare Diseases, Ipsen

Wim Noel, EMEA Medical Affairs Director Rheumatology/Auto-Immunity, Janssen

Berna Özelgün, Associate Director Medical Affairs, Gilead Sciences

Jolanda Koenders, Head Of Public Affairs, Advocacy & Communications, Takeda

Pasquale Monteleone, Global Patient Relations & Advocacy Lead, CVRM, AstraZeneca

Cláudia Hirawat, Executive Chair, VOZ Advisors

Philippa Pristera, Patient Engagement Strategy Lead, Cuttsy+Cuttsy

15.25 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.55 Case Study

All patients deserve the right to have an active role in research and to contribute to any decision that matters their health. Engaging children and young people in clinical research requires specific considerations to facilitate the best and meaningful contribution of the paediatric patients, and also the ethical and methodological considerations that are required. Training young people to have an active role in clinical research is essential, and in this session we will discuss how to educate young people and how to ensure their meaningful involvement

Begonya Nafria, Patient Engagement in Research Coordinator, Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation


16.15 Break Through Internal & External Barriers To Embed Patients At The Heart Of Your Business & Truly Walk The Walk Of Patient Centricity

  • How can the value and benefits of consistent engagement that meets patient expectations be communicated to secure buy-in and embed patients at the heart of your organisation?
  • How can establishing a common, scalable and robust set of technology and data foundations act as a strong enabler and catalyst for innovations for your patients?
  • Demonstrate effectively that your internal patient strategies are resulting in better patient outcomes and showcase their impact

Hicham Naim, Global Head Integrated & Personalized Patient Care Program, Digital Advisory Board, Takeda

Advait Thakur, Associate Director, Patient Engagement Platforms Architect, Takeda


16.35 Go Beyond Treatment & Take Actionable Steps To Positively Impact Patient Safety & Wellbeing

  •  How can patient safety be centred at the heart of internal decision making and processes?
  • With less face-to-face contact with patients currently, how can we leverage technology to ensure you’re seeing the full picture of a patients wellbeing and quality of life?
  • Ensure ethical and compliant data collection and management to maintain patient’s privacy

Speaker To Be Announced

16.55 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.00 Official Close Of Conference

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