The Patient Centricity & Engagement Conference


24 Patient Engagement & Experience Leaders Share Unmissable Insights To Drive The Patient Voice, Collaborate With Advocacy Groups & Stakeholder Partnerships, Breakdown Industry Barriers, Integrate Profitable Digital Innovations & Optimise Generative AI & Automation. 

08.30 Registration, Speed Networking & GIC Welcome 

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

John Ioannou, VP, Head of Global Medical Affairs, Rheumatology, UCB UK

PD Dr. med Jost Leemhuis M.D, Safety Science Partner, Hoffman La Roche

Patient-Centric Decision Making

09.10 Amplify The Patient Voice To Drive The Direction Of Change: Ensure Patients Are At The Core Of All Key Processes & Decision Making To Demonstrate Your Commitment To Better Healthcare & Services

  • Embed patient needs into your vision and values throughout all levels of the organisation to strategically shape future care and services
  • What can pharma do to promote the inclusion of patient, patient advocate and carer input into delivering improvements and innovating ways for the patient voice to be heard by key decision makers?
  • Highlight the value of patient centricity and strengthen board engagement with targeted internal communications to truly power patient voices and transform buy-in for service improvement within pharma and healthcare
  • Anders Blaedel Lassen, Senior Director, Lundbeck

    Proactive End-To-End Engagement

    09.30 Establish Patient Engagement Strategies That Start & End With The Patient! Successfully Integrate & Include The Patient Voice At All Stages of Regulatory Activity, Product Lifecycles & Evaluation Of Treatments For Meaningful Change

  • What patient-first strategies can you implement to inform and educate patients, families and the public around future drug development, disease management and prevention to truly make a positive impact?
  • Establish how early communication and collaboration with patients can power informed decisions about a patient’s health by encouraging them to vocalise what they want from future therapies and drug development
  • Reduce drug development time by ensuring patients are engaged at each stage to identify gaps and produce treatments that support patient needs throughout the entire patient journey
  • You said, we did… how can you keep connected with patients long-term to develop and sustain inclusive participation and feedback on patient experiences to ultimately provide better patient journeys, treatment and care?
  • Power market access teams to incorporate patient and public views on the benefits and risks of medical products, to navigate regulations for medicines and devices that guarantee commercial success
  • Pascale Cavillon, Global Patient Affairs Director, Ipsen

    Stakeholder Collaboration - Panel Discussion & Q&A

    09.50 Promote Engagement Between Patients & All Key Stakeholders By Aligning Visions & Values To Strengthen Patient Outcomes & Power Commercial Success

  • Highlight the value of patient perspectives to all existing internal and external stakeholders to drive patient engagement and desirable outcomes
  • How can you collaborate with external stakeholders to develop patient initiatives and disease education that result in the best care and experience for patients?
  • What is the two-way benefit of stakeholder relationships and how do you achieve shared vision and values whilst remaining commercially successful?
  • Rethink therapeutic delivery with stakeholders and partners who will support patient understanding and incorporate preferences into emerging drug development and commercialisation strategies

    Stefaan Fiers, Head of Corporate Communication, Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy, Takeda Belgium

    Jens Lipinski, Patient Relations, Bayer Vital GmbH

    Marie-Sharmila Blandino, Integrated Access Strategy Lead – Global Director, Amgen Switzerland

    10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Open Health

    Dr Sumira Riaz, Patient Engagement Lead, Open Health

    Jenny Ousbey, CEO & Founder, OVID Health

    10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

    11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Origins – A Sustainable Approach To Patient Intelligence – Maximising The Value Of Patient Engagement

  • How can you make sense of your data and what are the best methods to deliver patient-centric outcomes whilst determining ROI?
  • Maximise your data to offer realistic goals to patients: what is possible and what are empty promises?
  • Leverage data to understand better and predict the decisions of healthcare organisations for more targeted and effective communications that reduce impact on patients and improve market access
  • Sheetal Padania, Head Of Patient Services, Origins

    Patient-Driven Clinical Trials

    11.20 Strengthen & Develop Meaningful Partnerships With Patients To Advance Clinical Research & Trial Design For Boosted Patient Experience & Patient-Approved Products & Therapies

  • What practical steps can pharma take to successfully engage under-represented groups and ensure that clinical trials and evidence generation truly involve a diverse patient cohort?
  • With some patient groups more engaged than others, how can pharma change mindsets to avoid taking the easy route and focus engagement projects on the crucial work of recruiting diverse and representative patients?
  • How can messaging be amplified through effective channels to reach traditionally under-represented groups of patients?
  • Pauline Frank, Patient Engagement & Insights Director, Oncology Medical Affairs, Novartis Pharma AG

    AI, ML & Automation

    11.40 With The Advancing Landscape Of Digital Technology & Artificial Intelligence, What Is The Future of Generative AI In Patient Engagement & Healthcare Experiences?

  • Learn the opportunities of AI within patient insight and engagement and how they can be synthesised into best practices
  • Highlight the risks of AI, including misinformation, data privacy and accuracy in qualitative data to optimise AI for patient engagement
  • Enhance customer experience and patient engagement through AI for more personalised products and services to provide patients with the best possible care
  • Jolanda Koenders, Head of New Product Planning and Lead Health Outcomes Observatory (H2O), Takeda

    Jasenka Tiefenbach , Value Based Partnership & Patient Outcomes Excellence Lead Eastern Europe, Takeda

    Patient Stories - Panel Discussion

    12.00 Hear The Most Important Voice In The Room; Patients. Listen & Engage With Raw Insights Into Personal Patient Experience To Strengthen Relationships & Align Values

  • Highlight your own responsibility in driving the patient voice and partnerships with patient advocacy groups
  • How can you best support patients in every aspect of healthcare? What do they truly need?
  • How can you sustain long-lasting relationships with patients and where do they benefit from collaborating?
  • Lex Van Der Heijden, President, CMTC-OVM, Netherlands

    Andreas Christodoulou, Director of Operations, Cyprus Federation of Patients’ Associations and Board Member of European Patients’ Forum

    Miranka Mud, Board Member of Medical Affairs, Lyme Associaton Lymevereniging

    Ganescu Costin Radu, President, Coalition of Patients Organizations with Chronic Diseases in Romania & Treasurer of European Patient’s Forum

    Stephen Head, Senior Director, Patient Partnerships, Patient Centricity, Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd

    Debra Montague, Founder & Chairwoman, ALK Positive Lung Cancer

    12.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Medscape Oncology Global & SHORE-C

    Why the time is now to integrate patient-centricity into medical education for HCPs
    • Where we are today with HCP-patient/caregiver communications and why change is needed
    • How medical education for HCPs can evolve, including patient integration, to provide a holistic approach that supports advancing patient outcomes

    Victoria Harvey-Jones, Associate Director, Clinical Strategy, Medscape Oncology Global

    Lesley Fallowfield, Director of Psychosocial Oncology at University of Sussex, SHORE-C

    12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

    13.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

    Michal Davidescu, Health Access Specialist, Pfizer Israel

    Stephen Head, Senior Director, Patient Partnerships, Patient Centricity, Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd

    Digital Engagement

    13.55 How Co-Creation And Data-Driven Design Result In Patient-Centric Digital Solutions.

  • In a digital era, what are the most effective platforms to reach and engage with patients and what are the best practices to resonate with different patient audiences?
  • Establish practical strategies that measure the value of digital engagement to sustain commercially beneficial priorities
  • Ensure that you are considering all audiences and acknowledging that digital engagement does not reach all patients. How can these groups be reached?
  • Irene Kanter-Schlifke, Head of Customer Insights and Strategy, Digital, Biogen


     14.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For WebMD

    HCP Support & Communications

    14.30 Invite Healthcare Practitioners Into The Conversation! Collaborate With HCPs To Obtain Daily Insight Into Meaningful Patient Experiences & Desired Outcomes

  • Understand the value of all healthcare practitioners in providing raw data and insight into the patient journey to ensure best care practices
  • What would a mutually beneficial relationship look like? Establish shared vision and values with HCPs where the patient remains at the heart of practices
  • Develop better targeted communication approaches that educates, informs, and breaks down the walls of a hard-to-navigate healthcare system to reduce HCPs time and increase HCP availability with their patients
  • Karolina Częścik-Łysyszyn, Medical Affairs Review & Approval Expert, Pfizer

    A Patient’s Story: Chronic Lyme Disease

    14.50 A Patient Case Study

    • Chronic Lyme disease: a severe chronic multisystem disease with a very low quality of life
    • Patient experiences and needs (including my own experience)
    • Possible causes of the disease and patient perspective
    • Lack of biomedical treatments and investment in research
    • Call for pharma to address this: we need your help

    Miranka Mud, Board Member of Medical Affairs Lyme Associaton, Lymevereniging

    Realizing the Power and Impact of Patient Organizations

    •  15.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner
          • We will take a look at the value of POs/PAGs across the globe with examples of how collaborations with pharma and other ecosystem stakeholders have helped patients navigate diseases and treatments. We will focus on untapped opportunities for pharma to learn from POs, the role of tech in increasing PO reach, and new methodologies and solutions to help us achieve these goals

    Surbhi Puri, Manager, ZS Associates


    15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking & Breakout Discussions

    1. Interpreting Data
    2. Generative AI, ML & Automation

    Overcoming Barriers - Delegate Discussion

    16.10 Evaluate The Barriers That Are Preventing Growth In Patient Centricity & Engagement, To Accelerate Customer Transformation & Achieve Industry Wide Goals 

  • Drive change by strategising short-term and long-term solutions to overcome patient engagement barriers
  • If barriers are unchangeable, such as European regulatory limits, how can you work with other stakeholders, including fellow pharma, to create solutions whilst remaining commercially competitive?
  • Be prepared and get ahead! Keep on top of emerging challenges within patient centricity to prevent delaying solutions and outcomes
  • With pharma banking on digital therapeutics as staff shortages worsen how can pharma work together to develop long-term sustainable patient care?
  • Diversity & Inclusion

    16.40 Prioritise The Importance Of Engaging With Diversified Patients By Identifying Underrepresented Groups & Develop A Patient Strategy To Ensure Their Insights Are Heard, Actioned & Implemented

  • When the voice of the patient is of central importance, how can you ensure there is an accurate representation of these voices and champion their insights?
  • How do you access globally and locally underrepresented groups and how do their experiences and demographic challenge generalisable data and trends?
  • Avoid taking the ‘easier’ option of engaging only the most accessible patients and commit time to obtaining and retaining underrepresented groups for maximum patient advocate engagement
  • Ensure equity in patient market access will drive improved health outcomes for patients and business outcomes for pharma
  • Michal Davidescu, Health Access Specialist, Pfizer Israel

    Patient Advocacy - Double Perspective

    17.00 Establish Sustainable & Mutually Beneficial Relationships With European Patient Advocacy Groups To Drive Positive Patient Outcomes In Healthcare

  • Develop authentic relationships with patient groups that benefit both pharma commercially and patient outcomes, without feeling transactional
  • Uncover new best practices in pharma-patient communications to seamlessly align visions and values, resulting in mutually desirable results
  • How can you leverage PAG data to create tailored journeys with specific disease advocacy groups for greater impact?
  • How far are patient advocacy groups truly partnering with pharma to better engage communities and design inclusive trials?
  • 17.00 Perspective 1

    Stefaan Fiers, Head of Corporate Communication, Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy, Takeda Belgium

    17.00 Perspective 2

    Izlen Toker, Global Director, Patient Communications & Engagement, Sandoz

    17.20 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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