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24 Experts Share Practical, Proven & Proactive New Strategies To Empower The Patient Voice & Boost Patient Outcomes With

Strategic, Meaningful & Value-Driven Insights Which Maximise Patient Centricity, Elevate Engagement & Strengthen Collaboration

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition | Hotel Casa, Amsterdam | 13th November 2024

11 Years Leading The Market As The Leading Independent, One-Day, Brand-Led Pharma & Patient Conference Series – 24 Industry & Advocacy Leaders Reveal New, Advanced Strategies For Patient Centricity At This Not-To-Missed Yearly Industry Gathering – European Edition Live From Amsterdam!

Written In Collaboration With Patients, Advocacy Leaders & The Pharmaceutical Industry

24 Industry Leaders From Pharma, Advocacy Groups & Patients Themselves Share Key Insights, New Opportunities & Continued Challenges To Empower The Patient Voice Through Meaningful Stakeholder Collaborations, Holistic Long-term Engagement & Profitable Digital Innovations Which Align Industry-Wide Goals With Patient Needs Despite Increased European Regulatory Uncertainty

Benchmark Progress By Harnessing End-To-End Patient Involvement & Strengthening Advocacy Partnerships ● Translate Patient Experience Data Insights Into Tangible Results ● Connect All Key Stakeholders & Secure Value-Driven Collaborations ● Optimise Clinical Trial Design & Ensure Patient-Approved Therapies ● Include Patients In Digital Processes & Health Tech Assessments By Leveraging Platforms & AI Automation To Drive Engagement ● Successfully Embed Patient-First Strategies To Tackle & Break Through Barriers To Patient Centricity


Drive Holistic End-To-End Patient Engagement:

Amplify the importance of early communication and continued collaboration with patients to achieve meaningful change and improve market access


Actionable Patient-Centric Data, Measurement & Metrics:

Translate data into tangible insights by leveraging the patient voice, critical data and delivering on KPIs


Elevate Patient-Centred Decision Making:

Emphasise the paramount importance of the patient voice in key processes to improve patient outcomes


Patient Engagement In HTAs:

Address the limits and advocate for increased patient involvement to accelerate the effectiveness of Health Technology Assessment frameworks


Exclusive Biogen Case Study:

Navigating Business Demands Whilst Upholding A Dedication To Patient Engagement


Meaningful Stakeholder Collaboration:

Successfully connect all key stakeholders and secure value-driven collaborations by aligning visions and values to strengthen patient outcomes and ROI


Empower Patient Journeys:

Proactively collaborate with patients to ensure sustained support throughout patient journeys by incorporating the needs of the patients into your organisation’s goals and values


Patient-Approved Clinical Trials:

Showcase the value of engaging and communicating with patients at the very start by incorporating the patient voice within all stages of the clinical trial process


Digital Engagement – AI, Digital, Tech & Tools:

Harness new digital, tech and AI with patients and advocates to gain wide-spread patient outreach and deliver high-impact care


Real-World Patient Perspectives & Stories:

Ensure patient voices are heard to strengthen partnerships with patient advocacy groups and align values and goals Real Patients, Real Stories


Exclusive Pfizer Case Study:

Personalising Platforms With Patient Experience


Break Down Barriers To Patient Centricity:

Empower patients and drive change by strategising short and long-term solutions for boosted engagement

10 Critical Benefits To Attending The 2nd Annual Patient Centricity & Engagement Conference In Amsterdam…

  1. Agenda written in collaboration with pharma, patient advocacy groups and patients themselves – a carefully curated, targeted and tailored day to ensure high-impact, tangible solutions and actionable takeaways
  2. Exclusive insights from 24+ senior pharma and patient industry leaders discussing brand new and exclusive insights
  3. Honest patient & advocacy group feedback with interactive, anonymous polls! Hear transparent responses from patients and advocates to uncover exactly what they want and need from the industry
  4. Real patient stories to reveal the topmost patient concerns of 2025 and beyond
  5. Not just inspiration! Benchmark patient centricity with value-adding skills and strategies on the most pressing issues
  6. Real-time Q&A with our four engaging panel discussions with patients and senior leaders from companies such as Baxter, GSK, Sanofi, Takeda and more!
  7. Inspiring, experience-led insights from industry thought leaders into truly putting patients at the heart of decision making
  8. Dedicated networking breaks to harness the knowledge in the room
  9. Build meaningful relationships with advocacy groups, healthcare experts, researchers, carers, and patients beyond your current network
  10. The most valuable ONE day you will have out of the office in 2024!

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At Global Insight Conferences, we have exciting offers and news about our upcoming events that we hope you’d like to hear about! We will use your information to predict what you might be interested in. We will treat your data with respect and you can find the details of our privacy policy here. You can stop receiving our updates at any time.


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